Drug Reactions

Drug allergy testing to Penicillin and other drugs is available in Cincinnati, Ohio at Allergy and Asthma, Associates. Most people have probably experienced an unwanted side effect to a medicine at some time in their lives. Many drugs commonly cause side effects, such as an upset stomach after taking aspirin or drowsiness after taking a cold medication. Adverse drug reactions can be quite serious; they account for an estimated 106,000 deaths each year in the United States. As more medications are approved each year, the problem is expected to grow.

An adverse drug reaction is any effect not intended by proper administration of a medication. Reactions also can occur between medications, even nonprescription ones. Most adverse drug reactions - more than 90 percent - do not involve the immune system. When the immune system is involved, a person is said to have drug hypersensitivity. Allergy is one type of hypersensitivity reaction.

If you have a known drug allergy:

  • Make sure all of your doctors know the medication you took and the reaction you had;
  • Talk to your primary care doctor or allergist about other medications you should avoid and which alternative
  • medications are safe for you to take; and
  • If your allergy is severe, wear a medical alert tag or bracelet in case of emergency.

Source: American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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